A Latin American Environmental Law & Sustainability Practice

Melissa Owen is a bi-national, multilingual attorney focused on environmental, health and safety matters in Latin America for U.S. and multinational clients, first with a leading national firm and then in private practice since 1998. Services have included traditional environmental compliance and permitting questions on Latin American facilities, drafting audit protocols and conducting on-site industrial audits, providing regulatory and legislative tracking services for the region, managing local counsel and teams, acting regional counsel roles for a major U.S. corporation, government relations on environmental matters, and product stewardship initiatives.

  • Responding to compliance questions for Latin American operations
  • Regulatory Interpretation
  • Advising on Product Stewardship
  • Onsite Audits and Audit Protocols
  • Legislative/Regulatory Tracking & Reporting on Emerging Issues
  • Managing Local Counsel Needs
  • Government Relations on Environmental Issues